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Bulletin Board
11/12/2018 – Townhall meeting.  Mark you calendars!
The meeting is on Monday, November 12th in Clubhouse 4 from 10:30am-12:30pm.  We will have a potluck brunch – please bring a dish if you can.
10/12/2018 – Pesticide spraying is on hold until further notice.
10/02/2018 – Agenda Sitting Meetings Canceled
Until further notice there will be no Agenda Sitting Meetings on the second Monday of each month.
09/24/2018 – September Meeting Minutes
The agenda for the monthly meeting has been posted to the website.
09/24/2018 – September Meeting Agenda
The agenda for the monthly meeting has been posted to the website.
05/29/2018 – Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft) – Organizational Minutes
The minutes from this year’s annual meeting have been posted to the website.
05/29/2018 – Annual Meeting Agenda – Organizational Meeting Agenda
The agenda for this year’s annual meeting and organizational meeting are now available.
08/20/2017 – Very Clever Credit Card Scam! This is a new one.
Are You Noticing Unusual “Smells” in the Air? File a Report by Phone.
Call the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) @ 1-800-288-7664
Seeing mosquitoes around your Mutual 8 Apartment ?
Please report your findings to Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
By phone @ (714) 971-2421 or (949) 654-2421   Or by email @ http://www.ocvector.org/desktop.html

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