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Bulletin Board
02/04/2019 – Citadel Shield – Solid Curtain 2019

The Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station will be taking part in the largest Navy security exercise of the year from February 4-15.

The exercise, called Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain 2019, will be conducted on naval bases throughout the continental United States.  At the naval weapons station, drills and training will be conducted on a wide range of potential security scenarios.

Measures will be taken to avoid disruptions, but there may be times when the exercise causes increased traffic around the weapons station, delays in base access, and gate closures.  Area residents may also see increased military and civilian law enforcement activity associated with the exercise, and the station’s “Giant Voice” mass notification loudspeaker system may be used.  Civilian boat traffic through Anaheim Bay may be temporarily restricted.

The event is not in response to any specific threat but is a regularly-scheduled exercise, developed to enhance the training and readiness of Navy security personnel.

Live updates will also be posted on the station’s Facebook page (search under “Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Detachment Fallbrook, Detachment Norco”).

01/28/2019 – January Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)
This Months Board Meeting Minutes is now Posted.
01/28/2019 – January Board Meeting Agenda
This Months Board Meeting Agenda is now Posted.
01/17/2019 – Spraying
Spraying our Mutual is still on the calander. Hopefully we will be dry next week and continue on.  A Director will be notified the day before spraying an area.  The day the area is sprayed we will put yellow flags out and remove them the next day.   Bright View ordered  the product they needed but was sent the wrong product so they had to reorder and then the rains came.   Right View has cleaned all gutters and downspouts.  They are out in the rain today and clearing many of the ground drains.
12/31/2018 – Mutual 8 Pesticides Postings

Now that scalping is finished, it is time to apply pre emergent and grub treatments. Our grasses are just growing enough to destroy the dalles weeds and grubs. We are not utilizing natural pesticides this year, 2018.

Lisa from Bright View says:

I will be posting the chemical application signs today for both Grubs and pre-emergent. The treatments will be beginning next week. Grub treatment will take about a week and the pre-emergent will be distributed throughout the Mutual by the Gardener as he comes through during the maintenance. All the required information will be on the posted signs–

Bright View posts the signs. We do not because we are not the ‘expert’ with the licenses. This is state law, not just Leisure World rules and regulations.
Camille Thompson
President MU 08

12/07/2018 – Director’s Column
Be sure to check the Directors Column each month to hear what’s going on in our Mutual.  Click here to view the page.
12/11/2018 – December Board Meeting Canceled
Mutual 8 Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday December 11th at 9 am in building 5 room B has been cancelled.  The Board wishes everyone a wonderful Holiday Season season and look forward to the New Year.
11/09/2018 BrightView Schedule  (Landscaping)
Click above to view the information on BrightView’s landscaping Schedule.
10/29/2018 – Parking on 4th Wednesdays
Please remember to NOT park your car on any Trust Streets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.   Example of Trust Streets are Oakmont, El Dorado and Northwood   Street sweeping is done on that night which is important in controlling mosquitoes.
10/22/2o18 – Lawn Mushrooms
Click here to view more information about mushrooms.
10/02/2018 – Agenda Setting Meetings Canceled
Until further notice there will be no Agenda Setting Meetings on the second Monday of each month.
05/29/2018 – Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft) – Organizational Minutes
The minutes from this year’s annual meeting have been posted to the website.
05/29/2018 – Annual Meeting Agenda – Organizational Meeting Agenda
The agenda for this year’s annual meeting and organizational meeting are now available.
08/20/2017 – Very Clever Credit Card Scam! This is a new one.
Are You Noticing Unusual “Smells” in the Air? File a Report by Phone.
Call the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) @ 1-800-288-7664
Seeing mosquitoes around your Mutual 8 Apartment ?
Please report your findings to Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
By phone @ (714) 971-2421 or (949) 654-2421   Or by email @ http://www.ocvector.org/desktop.html

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