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Bulletin Board

11/25/2019 – November Board Meeting Agenda
This month’s board meeting Agenda are now available

11/25/2019 – November Board Report
Click the link above to read this month’s reports.

11/25/2019 – November Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)
This month’s board meeting Minutes are now available

August Director’s Reports
Click the link above to view the August 2019 director’s report.

Brightview Maintenance

Beginning after August 5, 2019, Bright View will be aerating our lawns.  This is to improve sprinkler water going deeper into the soil, through the detris and grass growth.  Instead of the old type of aerator that punched plugs and sent them out onto the turf (and made a lot of noise) this new machine goes into the earth on a more sideways slant.  It will take 1/ 1/2 days to complete once it is started.

Next, after 8/12/19, Bright View will fertilize for the summer/fall growth.  The additive fertilizer will be noticed for 48 hours before application.  Please call the Hotline if you have questions.

05/28/2019 – Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft)
This year’s annual agenda is now available.

05/29/2019 – Voting & Annual Election
I want to thank everyone who voted in our election. We had over 100 shareholders at our Annual meeting/luncheon.  Do not be disappointed that our By-laws did not pass  171 shareholders ( only 4 short) voted to pass them which shows that there really is just a minority of shareholders who voted against. I’m looking forward to many good things ahead for our community in the upcoming year.

I thank those of you who support your board and hope those that do not can get on board and help participate in the process.   Jeri

05/28/2019 – Annual Meeting Agenda
This year’s annual agenda is now available.

The unofficial document version has been posted. Please click the following link to view it Mutual 8 Restated Bylaws


Mutual 8 now has two employees of Brightview that are doing only maintenance of garden areas.

Their schedule is broken into weekly assignments.  Please take note as to when your Building is scheduled to be cared for.

FIRST WEEK of the month buildings 199 through 205.  SECOND WEEK of the month buildings 190 through  193 and 195, 197 and 198.  THIRD WEEK of the month buildings 177 through 182and 194 and 196. FOURTH WEEK of the month buildings 183 through 189.  If a fifth week occurs they will work on areas that may need followed up

Parking on 4th Wednesdays
Please remember to NOT park your car on any Trust Streets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.   Example of Trust Streets are Oakmont, El Dorado and Northwood   Street sweeping is done on that night which is important in controlling mosquitoes.
Lawn Mushrooms
Click here to view more information about mushrooms.
Very Clever Credit Card Scam! This is a new one.
Are You Noticing Unusual “Smells” in the Air? File a Report by Phone.
Call the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) @ 1-800-288-7664
Seeing mosquitoes around your Mutual 8 Apartment ?
Please report your findings to Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
By phone @ (714) 971-2421 or (949) 654-2421   Or by email @ http://www.ocvector.org/desktop.html

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