Welcome Mutual 8 Shareholders!

The Mutual 8 Board of Directors welcomes you to the Mutual 8 website.

The purpose of our website is to enhance communication within Mutual 8
and allow shareholders to easily find and access information about our
Mutual, including Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas, Policies, By-Laws
and upcoming events.

Be sure to check out the information on our top navigation bar and on the
left side of our website. On the bottom of our website our residents may
submit inquiries and reports about Mutual 8 issues/problems ranging from
landscaping, apartment maintenance and laundry rooms. You can even
inquire about our budget. Any other questions or comments about Mutual 8
are welcomed by our Directors. Emails are sent directly to Mutual 8’s Board
of Directors, GRF Representative, and appropriate LWSB (GRF) staff.

Thanks for visiting Mutual 8’s website!

Bulletin Board
05/22/2017 – Annual Board Meeting Agenda
The Agenda for this month’s Board Meeting has been posted to the website.
05/08/2017 – May Board Meeting Minutes (Special)
The Minutes for this month’s Board Meeting have been posted to the website.
Are You Noticing Unusual “Smells” in the Air? File a Report by Phone.
Call the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) @ 1-800-288-7664.S
Seeing mosquitoes around your Mutual 8 Apartment ?
Please report your findings to Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
By phone @ (714) 971-2421 or (949) 654-2421
Or by email @ http://www.ocvector.org/desktop.html