Directors Column

President’s  Report  Mutual Eight

November 27, 2018

  1. Town Hall Meeting 11/12/18: Just under 90 shareholders came together to eat, listen to future issues and share some concerns.  We had 71 shareholders sign in but many just hurried to their tables and got ready to eat!!! Thank all of you who brought ‘brunchie’ food.  The food was excellent, all of it.  We did enjoy a lovely Brunch and the variety was the best!!   The topics were:

Cumulative Voting-  On the ballot this spring with the                                  Restatement of By Laws to eliminate this old voting practice which                                      creates cliques and groups that can influence an election beyond ‘one                                    man one vote’.  There is no ‘one man one vote’ with cumulative voting.                     This is where a shareholder can place 5 votes on one candidate in                                  Mutual Eight elections. Talk to a Director if you have questions about                                         cumulative voting.  Have you ever used ‘cumulative voting’?  Voting 1-5 votes          for one candidate?

Turf Management:  Natural vs. Synthetic herbicides and pesticides.

Some shareholders are asking us to go Natural vs. harmful Synthetic                                   herbicides.  Synthetics are cheaper but bad for health.  Naturals are                                              good for health but cost more. Benefits and detractions briefly discussed.        Cost is a big factor.  Fenn’s should be included? Natural herbicides and              pesticides do require more frequent applications than synthetic.  Synthetic are cheaper in the short run, but not in the long run, possibly.

Restatement of By Laws: Nine Mutuals are waiting for permission to

discuss and publish new By Laws with their shareholders.  Having                                       seen the 49 pages document, we are anxious to release it.  Must wait                                              until all 9 Mutuals decide to publish.  So far, mostly agreements on key                    issues such as cumulative voting, elimination of quorum that is rigid;                                              quorum is 51% of voters perhaps, Board approval of granting                                              exclusive use of common space, eliminate nominations from the floor

on voting day,  are a few examples.   Board of Directors then discuss                                    and approve the Restatement of By Laws and submit to shareholders                                              for a special election.  Shareholders asked for a copy in writing and on                                            line at the time of release.  Board of Directors can do this for                                                            shareholders to print.

  1. Special Election on Common Areas for Exclusive Private Use of Shareholder.

Voting ended on 11/20/18.  Fantastic turnout of voters in Mutual Eight.  We had 60% turnout of shareholders who decided ‘NO’, we will not charge for exclusive use

any more (119 voted no).  Rule reversal failed.  No charging.  This is the only change in the policy.  We still have to have a permit for an exclusive use, plans submitted and approved, Board approval. All of this in the policy which is online and available from Mutual Administration office.  Golf cart pads fall under Policy 7406.08.  Please ask for help if you are wanting a golf cart pad.  Robert Swopes is our Physical Property Inspector,  562-431-6586 ext 354 or ask your assigned Director if you don’t understand.  The only change is no charging for exclusive use. All other former conditions apply for exclusive use of common space.

For those of you who signed the original petition during August, I have found one person who knew they were signing up for a $9,000.00 charge to the Mutual for a special election.  Most people who signed the petitions were not told they were running up a $9K bill for all of us to pay for.  Be careful again with what you are signing.  Ask what it is being used for.  The petition quoted a state assembly bill and consequent legislation that had not been used in Leisure World before.  If you have a question then call a Board member or Mutual Administration.  This set of signatures cost us over $26.00 a piece per apartment at a one time charge this year.  We had to have an attorney prepare the documents as required and a company to accomplish secret ballot and voting and counting.    That money, $26.00 per apartment, could have been used for fixing every gutter, every sidewalk crack and many cheap plastic sprinkler heads, big landscape valves and so much more.  Be careful if asked to sign a petition for Mutual Eight business.  Ask a  current Board member first, please.  You may be incurring a 9K charge to yourself and  your neighbors just like this last group did.

  1. We have our assigned gardener from Bright View back on site. Randy was on a well earned vacation.  He is working every apartment garden in 29 buildings.  If you don’t want him to touch your garden, please get an orange or red flag from your director and place it in your garden.  I suggest flags, not just one flag.  Randy is a very conscientious gardener.  Please do not be negative to him.   Bright View will not trim roses until January.  That is their company policy.  Do not ask Randy to trim roses in December.  He will trim when he gets the schedule from his boss.


  1. Yes scalping is started. Since we have not done this Mutual wide in over 10 years or more, we are breaking lawnmowers like crazy to ‘scalp’ long, long grass.  This is not just grass that has not been mowed; this is grass that has 1/2″ of green and 3″ of tough white stalk above the dirt.  I estimate each crew can do 2-3 buildings a day and no more.  They have completed west of El Dorado and are now starting on Oakmont and going northeast.  IT IS A MESS.  IT IS A BIGGER MESS THAN YOU THINK.  Please don’t go out and be rude to these special crews or kick the piles of grass clippings.  Be rude to your Director instead.  !!!  Our Mutual is generally kind to all workers here but there have been some who do not practice the Golden Rule and are rude to workers.  This is not the ‘stock cooperative’ way.

The order of work for scalping takes at least one month to finish:

  1. Cut down the grass to above the root.
  2. Apply rye seed mixture as the winter rains are starting and grass is scalped. Aerate.
  3. Water like crazy for a week or so if it does not rain. We had wonderful rain so far.
  4. Let grass grow tall
  5. Start regular mowing cycle

Do not water your grass if the rains come every few days.  If there is no rain, then water lightly with the new seed. The sprinkler schedule will be different at times.  So will the mowing be at different times since the grass will grow in very thick with winter rye. We will repeat this cycle by October, 2019 again.  Natural herbicides require scalping twice a year to get to the weeds.  We have not applied pre-emergent yet.

  1. We may have the big equipment in to trim large trees on December 5 and 6, 2018, weather permitting.

There could be ground crews trimming smaller trees on roofs.  Any damage to new turf will be fixed by Bright View after the big trees are trimmed.  We have about 5-6  left to trim this year.

  1. Gutter cleaning is scheduled in middle to late December. Bright View is using a new air blowing system rather than hoses and water pressure on the roof. The gutters will be cleaned by forced air from mowers rather than water and hoses.  The gardeners will still be on the roof but using air instead of water.
  1. Important Rules: Please Read even if You already know the Rules.
  2. No one can park in your carport space but you.  If you need other arrangements, they need approval and a form from the President. CH4 is our choice for you to park your family or friend’s car.  There are no exceptions to GRF named streets for parking longer than 72 hours at a time.
  3. You have to move your car and RV every 72 hours or else you can get a parking ticket.  You are allowed to load and unload your RV in the Mutual area parking places for 48 hours only.  Then the RV has to be moved off Mutual 8 property.   There are two locations to park RV’s in Leisure World not on Mutual streets.
  4. c. Security makes arrangements to store cars and RV’s for up to 21 days in   I am not approving any parking in the Mutual areas for over the 72 hours because none of us can keep track of it, including Security.  I am just a volunteer who should be preserving housing stock, not be a parking officer.  Everyone who asks has received permission and a space in CH4.  It is very safe in that parking lot.  No more cars parked over 72 hours in the same spot on Mutual property please. We will ticket you with a real fine.
  5. Only two loads of laundry and then, two dryers at a time per shareholder. No one should use over two washers or dryers at the same time.  End of story!
  6. We encourage you not to use powdered soap in the washing machines.  It clumps and can cause problems in the pump.  We have been pretty good about not breaking washers and dryers  (about 3-4 a month out of 56) so keep up the good work. Laundry Room 182 is the exception.  Someone washed dirty mats or blankets and really loaded a dryer up with filth. It was also over the floors.  Call Security to document dirt, animal hair, sand etc in our machines.  We have caught the shareholders and/or the caregivers and threatened with the costs of the Laundry Room if we have reports.  The problem soon goes away.
  7. We cannot park on trust streets on the fourth Wednesday night of the month.  That is when the street sweepers for Golden Rain come through.  If you look at El Dorado especially before the curve area by the open space (EAST AND WEST SIDE), there is old decayed leaves, dirt, weeds growing in the big drains, etc.  Please let the street sweepers have a shot at the mess.  The gardeners don’t have it in their contract to clean street gutters.  In all the local cities, they require cars off street four hours a month.  Please park in your carport one night a month, the fourth Wednesday.  We just had to clean Oakmont at our expense because no one would move their cars over the last few years including those in MU06 who park on MU08 side.  So therefore on

MAY 22,


  1. Have a wonderful Holiday and New Year. Already thankful for rain this fall.

 See you at next Mutual 8 Board of Directors Meeting ,  Monday at 9AM on January 28, 2019.  December 11, 2018 meeting of the Board has been cancelled.