Directors Column

President’s Report
April 2019

1. Landscape assignments are working out much better. Randy and Marty are finishing their 6-7 buildings a week and we are all seeing the benefits of clear work areas each week. Please let them take out dead plants, trim up your personal gardens if they can, throw away empty and dying potted plants and weed in the personal gardens.
We also have shareholders who cannot lift and deal with all their potted plants. Randy and Marty will help load and dispose of pots that are not so easy to move any more during their regular scheduled times in your area. River Rats and mice and coyotes all spend the day or night in these areas. Marty is available on weekends to do special projects on gardens. (714-574-7643). Randy is available before work hours since he comes early to the Mutual. He works at 6:30A-8AM in gardens where shareholders pay for extra work. (562-607-0035).
There are still turf areas that are terrible. But, most are looking very good. Buildings that have walls by driveways and buildings that have narrow gardens do not fare so well. I don’t know why. The larger plaza areas are doing much better except area by LR 196.
The grubs are killing us this year. We may have to go to strong pesticides to get rid of them. That is what the old gardeners had to do. It’s been two years since strong pesticides have been applied for grubs. You can tell if there are grubs because the grass is dead, brown or dirt…! And, nothing grows there. Call the Hotline and report, please.

2. You are noticing the big tree trimming crews are here in Mutual 8. The trees need so much trimming, crowning and thinning. All the crape myrtles need thinning from the inside to grow strong. All the Bottle Brush need to be thinned. The Brazilian and California Peppers are getting a good trim. We are moving to the place where almost every tree is being trimmed. Will take awhile. This current trimming order is for 170 trees. If we have normal rainfall next year then we will be so proud of our tree health. And, then we can save trimming money by caring for trees by species instead of waiting too long to trim them-playing catch-up. Trees don’t like catch up. Their limbs come crashing down especially in low rain years with spikes in heat waves.

3. Ballots are mailed on 4/25/19 to each shareholder at the address listed in Stock Transfer. Since the ballot for Board of Directors is included with the 59 pages of new Restatement By Laws, we have been told that it will take awhile to have the big envelope delivered to each shareholder. If you don’t have a ballot by the end of the first FULL week in May, after May 10th, please call Stock Transfer immediately and ask for Courtney Knapp (562-431-6586 x339).
We will deliver to your unit a summary of the bylaws after April 30th when the Restatement By Laws start to arrive. This special summary was provided by the attorneys for us because of the falsehoods, lies, and interpretations flying around on social media. Got to love it!! It is three pages long.
For new residents, you may not know that a group of residents from certain Mutuals continued to fight that the stock cooperatives of Mutuals 1-16 were not under the state laws for Community Interest Developments. This started in 2005 and went on and on. One Mutual went to court against a shareholder after she requested, in court, to just look at corporate records and then the Golden Rain Foundation joined in to file against the shareholder that Leisure World was not Davis Stirling. GRF sadly continued to join the lawsuits. That misguided set of actions cost Leisure World and some Mutuals over 2 million dollars in lawyer fees, etc. and the shareholder won. The cases went all the way to the California Supreme Court !!
Those people still live here in Leisure World and love to bring up this issue and others and fight again!! Expect them to rigorously say “vote NO.” We have some of those original actors still living in our Mutuals. Please read the literature and the Restatements By- Laws. Be careful with all the interpretations. Read for yourself especially the first paragraphs. Yes, By-Laws are very ‘dry’ reading, putting it politely.
Mutual Eight is not as affected by all this back and forth rumors because we have been talking about Restatement, straw voting on by- laws and had three Town Hall meetings this last year where we went over some basics.
We were wrong about eliminating cumulative voting when our attorneys discovered in Sacramento at the original filings that we were a General Corporation C in Division 1 of the state law and could never eliminate cumulative voting according to the state laws. Confusing? Yes, it is.! Wait for the three page letter called Know The Facts. It will help I believe.


a. Tuesday, May 28th: Annual Meeting at CH4 at 10AM. Results of voting and a lovely catered lunch for all shareholders. ‘Closed Caption’ will present to us about free phones for shareholders with hearing problems. They provide free phones that translate phone calls in real time to sentences so shareholder may read the phone call instead of just listening. FREE to the shareholder with a doctor note. The hearing challenged do not want to attend an event they cannot hear so neighbors may have to bring literature and phone application number to their neighbors. We all have neighbors that don’t hear well. They don’t hear the phone. We now also sell in Purchasing, a red light that goes on when a call comes in but it doesn’t help with listening/reading each call. Come and learn some more.

b. Monday, May 6, at 1PM- Reserve Study Workshop: CH03 room 5. This workshop will help determine the assessment for next year. Are we saving enough money to repair freshwater pipes, sewer lines, building issues, termite and dry rot repairs and sidewalk light fixtures? Sidewalk repairs? Roofing for carports and buildings? Red and green curbs? Cement driveways and carports? Do trees deserve their own reserves for the future? These are all important areas and our fiduciary trust responsibilities. Please attend. We can answer new Restatement By Laws questions’ also at this meeting after 3PM when financial future discussions are ending.

C. Wednesday, May 8 at 5 PM. at CH3 room 9 Candidate Forum for Board of Directors. Meet the six candidates for five positions on the Board of Directors. This is an important meeting and will be about 1 hour, 15 minutes. Ask the candidates about the new Restatement By Laws.

D. June 24, 2019, Monday at 9 AM, Board of Directors meeting, Regular Session. Administration Building, upstairs in room A. We start a new year 2019-2020 !!